The rules. Bow down! Obey! You’re not worthy!

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1. Turbojugend Manifesto

By joining our association we expect that you do not tolerate fascist or racist behavior in your Turbojugend chapter and you won’t tolerate members with such tendencies. Our utmost concern is to have fun together. But it is also evident for us that everyone wearing a Turbojugend jacket is aware about this serious topic. You represent a community and should not ruin our image by thinking a jacket gives you a free ride to act stupid or run amok.

2. Turbojugend Values

Turbojugend has always been and will always be something like a family. It’s got to do with family values, with friendship, with loyalty, with respect. Treat your brothers and sisters like brothers and sisters. And keep an eye on each other – it’s the old thing: United we stand, divided we fall.

3. Erection of a Turbojugend:

You found a Jugend, your own Turbojugend chapter, by deciding that either only you can be the one and only President or you are already a bunch of unorganized denim sailor (wo)men and want to dive a little deeper into the darkness. The second option would quickly lead to presidential elections. After this honorable person is finally determined the new President announces vice presidents. All of the local Jugend members are vice presidents! And note: Presidents are announced for a lifetime!

Now it’s time to pick some memorable aliases or Jugend names. Presidents usually favour more or less famous historical figures, although some may have had a debatable vita. Turbo-Duce, El Supremo, Caesar Proud, Capitan are among the stronger synonyms. Vice president names have something to do with their standing and abilities inside the Jugend. Lawyer, propaganda minister or darling vice president simply add a special remarkable touch while Rookie, Bimbo or Heintje just stands for being recruited just hours ago… Read the FAQ about how you get your Turbojugend chapter officially registered.

4. Turbojugend Presidents and their Ass Squad

Without the presidents the Turbojugend would be an anarchistic mess. We all know that. The presidents are the absolute monarchs of the Turbojugend. A President should feel safe and comfortable at any time. In order to guarantee maximum security, a president may pick suitable members amongst the fiercest and meanest looking vice presidents to form his security outfit: The Ass Squad. It for instance takes care about such things like the mostly anonymous call for elections (a must to avoid for any President! Ouch! Boooo!), serious face-to-face discussions with slightly rebellious members, execution of presidential orders or – in the worst case – the unpopular Turbojugend-in-bad-standing matters. Don’t mess with the Ass Squad!

5. Turbojugend Jacket

Wearing a Turbojugend denim jacket. the Kutte is required on Turbojugend holidays, Turbonegro concerts, Turbojugend meetings and other occasions where you may be publicly recognized. But don’t forget to ask your president what he thinks about this. Maybe he has other ideas!

Kuttenwaschverbot! The Kutte shouldn’t be washed for any reason! If it appears to be smelly use fresh air, check Febreze or arrange some decorative Wunderbäume on your Kutte. If there is dirt or puke on the Kutte you may hand wash it carefully. Another possibility is to go swimming with your Kutte on. Some Jugend members report that there is also a trend to use a second or even a third jacket when things go worse!

Never ever dare to wear or (even get) a jacket of a chapter you are no member of! You might get hanged, drawn and quartered!

6. The Club Home of a Turboiugend:

Every Jugend must have a place to meet, party, relax or go apeshit. This can be a public location such as Fred’s Schlemmereck in St. Pauli or a private place such as the sauna of our Oulu brothers. As a member of the Jugend you should be open to parties at any time! Especially because you never know how good or bad the mood of your President will be in the near future…..

7. Turbojugend Activities

Every Turbojugend is obliged to organize certain activities at least every 77 days. Suggested Turbojugend action proposals: football or rugby tournaments on a regular basis; Yahtzee, dart and chess tournaments, puzzle events or drawing contests (for the more sportive Jugend); the famous Schnitzeljagd (aka Turbojagd) around your club home; karaoke competitions (tip: start with Cat Stevens theme evenings and your chapter will be highly pleased and motivated!); invitation of other Turbojugend chapter etc…

8. Turbojugend Holidays

Hank’s birthday! June 15th is compulsory holiday for everyone in denim. You may chose further holidays like your presidents birthday, pre-listening or video parties, release dates of new Turbonegro albums and more.



Please contact for any question.


The Turbojugend started in the late nineties as Turbonegro’s Navy. In more than a decade, the Jugend fostered not only the myth of the band but established a common sense for like-minded individuals, manifested in a Rock’n’Roll lifestyle and friendships all over the world. In particular friendship has been the spirit of the Turbojugend from the beginning and this spirit has been essential to keep the Jugend alive.

Read more about the rules and values of the Turbojugend in the section RULES.


The Turbojugend-jacket, or Kutte as it is called in German language, is an almost indispensable component of a member of the Turbojugend. The phenomenon grew when Turbonegro got a Levi’s sponsoring deal 1996 and the denim look was spread everywhere. The blank (Levi’s) jacket got few embroideries such as the Cap logo on the back along with the warrior and city name on the frontside. 2005 an own jacket production was created by TJ St.Pauli called Jugendmode.

Wearing the jacket a Turbojugendlicher (another German synonym for member of Turbojugend) can recognize other Turbojugendliche all over the world (well only, if they are wearing their Kutte too, dummy ^^) and meet them in the spirit of friendship and Rock’n’Roll.

Some malevolent people would say the Kutte also allows the Turbojugendliche to recognize each other by the stench (because of the Kuttenwaschverbot (read more about that in the section RULES)) but that is only defamation!

Many of the Turbojugendliche also wear the stylish sailor hats. Well, Turbojugend started as Turbonegro’s Navy, do we have to say any more? Otherwise ask Happy Tom (he uses the sailor hats on stage), if you are interested in this topic….


The warrior name is an important part for the identity of the members of the Turbojugend and can be seen as an embroidery stitched on the Kutte over the right frontside pocket. The aliAsses should be memorable. Presidents usually favour names that reflect their power and wisdom, popular are modifications of more or less famous historical figures, although some may have had a debatable vita: Caesar Proud, Capitan, El Supremo or Henry Kissmyassinger are among the stronger synonyms. Vice president names have something to do with their standing and abilities inside their Turbojugend; they reflect the personalities of the Vice presidents (more information, again, in the RULES).

Also quite popular are warrior names with the syllable ASS in it, such as SarahbASS or Lucky AssAssIn, and there are lots of PrincASSes. Why? Well, Turbonegro has a long history of anal references in their songs (remember Rendezvous With Anus, Pain in der Arsch Pocket Full of Cash or Rock Against Ass)…and not to forget the infamous ass-rocket performance by vocalist Hank van Helvete on stage. He resumes, that the ass is the most sexual/beautiful part of the human body…


The Turbojugend is organized in chapters. Each chapter is ruled sovereignly by it’s president. The official Turbojugend registration page is Turbojugend.Net. Only the chapter president can administer the respective page of his/her Turbojugend. He/She decides about the appearance of his/her Turbojugend on the site.

But always keep in mind: our utmost concern is to have fun together but it is also evident for us that everyone wearing a Kutte is aware about this serious topic: You represent a community and should not ruin our image by thinking a jacket gives you a free ride to act stupid or run amok.

Regarding founding or joining of a chapter please read the HowTo.


The famous dining and sailor restaurant Fred’s Schlemmereck, or Schlemmereck as it is called now, is the clubhome of the Turbojugend St. Pauli (Die Mutter aller Jugenden). It is located in the beautiful heart of St. Pauli, at the crossing of Hamburger Berg and Seilerstrasse. It is famous for the mix of maritime and Rock’n’Roll lifestyles. Everything you need to spend a nice evening in St. Pauli. And the food and beer – aaargh! (to quote the page of TJ St. Pauli). Don’t forget to inspect the jukebox.

During the WTJT, the Schlemmereck is the major meeting point of Turbojugend from all over the world and thus something like the home of the global Turbojugend.

And of course it is a duty to visit the Schlemmereck once you are on a trip to Hamburg. But behave! Otherwise, you will have to deal with Herbert, the innkeeper of the Schlemmereck!