About TJ OP

Opladen town is situated right between the rivers Rhine and Wupper, and in between the cities of Cologne and Duesseldorf. It became a part of the city of Leverkusen in 1975. As Opladen offers a wide range of night life activities, we regard Turbojugend Opladen as point of contact for the whole Leverkusen area.

TURBOJUGEND is a the fan club of the norwegian Band TURBONEGRO. Over the years it became a worldwide movement. The Jugends basic interests are Death Punk and TURBONEGRO. Apart from that, it’s all about self-destruction, all forms of Rock ’n‘ Roll, epic celebrations, epic asses, disturbing the conservative minds, maritime erotic and spreading darkness over the world.

TURBOJUGEND is not political, but it’s based on Punk ethics and strictly against any form of nationalism and racism, sexism and all the other bullshit-isms. Nazi Punks FUCK OFF!

TURBOJUGEND OPLADEN is a proud member of the TJ Western Front Alliance.

F.T.W. – TURBOJUGEND Must be destroyed!
Drink Astra, visit St.Pauli and ride the snake of flesh!
Find some basic information in german language at Wikipedia.